Chameleon Cage Set Up Kits Reviews


Chameleons are popular as pets. They need a special type of habitat that suits them. If you plan to buy a chameleon, but do not know what cage you should buy, this article is for you. I will write here about chameleon cage set up kits reviews.

Chameleon Cage Set Up Kits Reviews

Here are reviews about the best chameleon cage set up kits.

Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium

This durable and escape-proof terrarium is good for young chameleon. The bottom of this terrarium is waterproof. There is special patented front window ventilation that helps your chameleon to get the much needed fresh air and light. There are also dual door for helping you to feed your pet easily. Moreover, it is easily cleanable.

Swell Chameleon Starter Kit Bronze

This kit includes a small glass terrarium, the lighting, bulb, fittings, substrate, decoration, etc.

The electrics feature a combined mercury vapor bulb that provides both UVA and UVB in one unit. It also has a thermometer.

The substrate includes a rainforest soil brick that helps with the humidity in the enclosure. There is also a spray bottle.

The kit also has some vines and plastic plants.

Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

This is an open-air aluminum screen cage with enough space, light, and air for your chameleon. The cage's size is enough to add plants and lights. It has a large front door and a bottom door. You can clean it easily. Moreover, it is durable and has no risk of corrosion.

Swell Chameleon Starter Kit Silver

This kit contains large ReptiBreeze, combined heat and UVB bulb, thermometer, hygrometer, substrate, dripper, and spray bottle.

The combined Mercury and vapor bulb provide the heat and UVB.

The substrate includes orchid bark. It also has a spray bottle and a dripper.

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

This glass-made kit is very durable. It includes substrate, jungle vines, jungle rope, water dish, and care guide. The top of the cage is made of full metal screen that provides the necessary airflow, light and humidity. The dual doors help you to get easy access and make sure the pet stays inside.

Swell Chameleon Starter Kit Gold

The vivarium of this kit is a specially designed arboreal chameleon vivarium. There is a mesh lid on the top of it. The kit also includes a Mercury vapor bulb and holder, thermometer and hygrometer, Orchid bark substrate, jungle vines, artificial plants, pressure spray bottle, vivarium lock, Calcium dust, and sealant.

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe

This kit includes almost everything your pet needs. It contains LED stripes, plants, vine, and carpet. The Led light is activated by touch, which makes it easier for you. It provides enough light and optimal humidity.

These reviews about best chameleon cage set up kits should help you to choose the perfect one for your pet.